Weather Software

For additional capability, software and a data logger is available to allow you to monitor and record data on a desktop computer. Data can be stored for days, weeks, months, even years, and more importantly, you can view and plot your data on a standard computer screen.

Once the collected weather data is stored on the computer, the applications and possibilities are numerous.





Bedford Weather Station Weather Data (collected with the above software)


Product Summary

For the ultimate in weather monitoring, connect your weather station* to your personal computer. The WeatherLink data logger stores data - even when your computer is not running- until you are ready to transfer it to your computer. Later, you can use the WeatherLink software to create graphs, calculate totals and averages, generate summaries, analyze trends, and more - all with your own weather database.

*sold separately

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Key Features

Works on Microsoft Windows 3.1, 95, 98, XP, and on Macintosh systems.

View information from the same weather station on two or more computers (using one Extra User License Kit for each additional computer; kit includes license, manual, and software).

Store data every 1,5,10,15,30,60, 120 minutes; the data logger will store 1,5,10,15,30,60, 120 days of data, depending on the storage interval.

Transfer data from the logger to your computer as often as you like to create your own weather database.

Clear Highs and Lows automatically each day (Windows version only, software must be running).

Track weather information from a remote site and transmit data over phone lines (using a modem capable of 2400 baud and a telephone modem adapter) or by broadband connection.

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Product Includes

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Windows Version Requirements

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